Newsletter Septembre 2018

Activités de la SOSM

Nous étions au State of the Map à Milan avec une table. Nous avons eu des contacts avec de nombreux cartographes du monde entier. En particulier, nous avons eu contact avec la communauté italophone.

Table SOSM au State of the Map à Milan. Nous avons offert du chocolat suisse aux participants. Photo cc-by-sa 4.0 Manfred Stock

Êtes-vous déjà membre de la Fondation OpenStreetMap (OSMF) ? Bien que la SOSM soit une section locale officielle, les membres de la SOSM ne sont pas automatiquement membres de l’OSMF. En payant les frais d’adhésion, l’OSMF reste financièrement indépendant. Comme membre, vous pouvez participer au vote et ainsi avoir votre mot à dire sur l’avenir du projet. L’adhésion coûte £15 par an.

Aide recherchée

Bulletin de la SOSM

Lors de la dernière réunion, le souhait d’un bulletin d’information a été exprimé. Ici, de l’aide serait la bienvenue pour la traduction du contenu et la conception d’un message HTML attractif.

Page d’accueil

Nous aimerions améliorer la page d’accueil Rendre les choses plus claires et visuellement plus attrayantes. Nous avons déjà collecté du contenu, mais il manque encore JavaScript et CSS. Si vous avez de l’expérience dans ce domaine, votre aide serait la bienvenue. L’état actuel peut être consulté sur Un concept de design est disponible ici.

Traductions pour

Grâce à l’aide active d’un cartographe italien, nous disposons désormais d’une traduction italienne de Pour qu’à l’avenir aussi les entrées du blog soient multilingues, nous serions heureux de pouvoir compter sur des traducteurs allemands, français et italiens, qui traduiraient également les articles du blog dans chaque cas. C’est environ 10 messages par an.

Vector Tiles

Si quelqu’un souhaite traiter ce sujet, nous aimerions également proposer des Vector Tiles sur nos serveurs. Nous sommes heureux de vous aider, mais tout le sujet prend trop de temps en ce moment pour que notre technicien Michael le fasse, ainsi que la maintenance de tous les autres services.

10. Micro Mapping Party Rapperswil, August 17th 2018, HSR

The Geometa Lab of the HSR and the association (SOSM) invite to the next Mapping Party in Rapperswil/SG by the lake! The integrated OSM meeting also includes an Ask-Me-Anything. There will also be a micro hackathon.

The Micro Mapping Party is a casual outdoor event for capturing OpenStreetMap data with subsequent editing in the computer lab, followed by bbq and drinks (offered by the HSR). The Ask-Me-Anything and the Micro Hackathon take place inside.

The party is open to everyone, especially beginners. More than a dozen participants are expected. The start is at 2 pm in the lake building 6 of the HSR campus (right next to Rapperswil/SG station). You can also join us later, for example after work. Registration is requested so that sufficient food and drink can be organised.

Information and registration:

Follow the party via the Twitter-Account von SOSM and with the hashtags #OpenStreetMap #MappingParty. – Promotion of open maps in the classroom is a new initiative to promote open maps in geography and computer science lessons in Switzerland. Teachers at secondary and grammar school level are the main target groups. To all who know teachers in geography and computer science: Pass this news on,!

Both the maps (data) and the materials are made freely available (so-called « Open Educational Resource »), so that everyone can contribute to them, use them freely and pass them on – even outside the classroom. Mainly free data from OpenStreetMap is used.

This small project was initiated by Stefan Keller, SOSM board member and professor at the Geometa Lab of the HSR. It fits to the two focal points, school and tourism, which the association has set itself this year. The SOSM also owns the web domains and

The content on is just the beginning. We are looking for contributors who want to take part in the project, be it with feedback, translations or software tools. Interested parties can contact the project managers as described under > « Weitere Unterrichtsideen ».

Map on now includes contour lines

The default style on now includes contour lines and is updated to the latest version of the openstreetmap-carto style sheet.

(c) OpenStreetMap contributors

Elevation data created from a mash-up of SRTM and ASTER GDEM data. ASTER GDEM is a product of METI and NASA. Post processing was kindly provided by Yves Cainaud from

SOSM Annual General Meeting April 7th 2018 Solothurn

The 2018 AGM will take place in Solothurn on April the 7th, 11:00. The venue is at the

Amt für Geoinformation
Rötistrasse 4
4501 Solothurn

Many thanks to SOGIS for supporting us

The event will follow our proven formula with a roughly one hour formal part starting at 11:00, with lunch following and a fairly unstructured mapping party as the activity in the afternoon from 13:30 onwards.

Guests, including such that simply want to learn something about OpenStreetMap, are welcome to both parts. Could however both members and guests indicate to if they plan to attend, particularly for lunch, so that we can inform the restaurant how many guests they can expect.

Agenda for the 2018 Swiss OpenStreetMap Association Annual General Meeting

Saturday, April 7th 2018, 11:00,

Amt für Geoinformation, Rötistrasse 4, 4501 Solothurn

1. Opening and Welcome

2. Election of the minute taker and vote counters

3. Adoption of minutes of the 2017 AGM

4. Activity report 2017

5. Financial results 2017

– Presentation by the treasurer
– Auditors report

6. Discharge of the Board

7. Membership fees 2018

8. Budget 2018

9. Elections

– Board
Candidates for all positions are welcome.

– Auditors

10. Any other business

Planned Power Outages 16th of January and 6th of Feburary

There are two planned power outages:

  • 16th of January, 04:30 – 08:30 AM CET
  • 6th of February, 04:30 – 08:30 AM CET

Due to construction work in the building where the SOSM servers are located. All SOSM services are unavailable during that time:

  • and websites
  • Swiss overpass and overpass-turbo instances
  • Swiss routing services
  • Swiss umap instance
  • DIDOK comparison map

DINAcon Awards – Open Source Hero

On Friday October 20th, a delegation of three members of the Swiss OpenStreetMap Association had the pleasure to receive the DINAcon Open Source Hero Award for OpenStreetMap long term contributors.

Picture of the DINAcon 2017 Open Source Hero Award für OpenStreetMap Langzeit-Mitwirkende. A glass block with the inscription DINAcon 2017 Awards 2017. OpenStreetMap Longterm Contributors

DINAcon 2017 Open Source Hero Award for OpenStreetMap Longterm Contributors.
Picture: Simon Poole

In its laudation, the jury acknowledged that the work on OSM is a continuous process and a lot of manual work, and that a lot of persistence was needed to get the project to the state it is today. This award was accepted in the name of the whole Swiss OSM community and the OSM community world wide.

Updates to overpass-turbo and routing

 overpass-turbo is an easy to use data mining tool for OpenStreetMap. To reflect the continued improvement of the tool, we have updated this software on the SOSM servers to the latest version. Thanks to Martin Raifer who is the developer of this tool. also got an improvement: Now the link to the debug map works correctly and shows the routing speeds and turn weights used by the currently selected profile.
To access the debug map, click on this icon  in the lower left corner: rectangle with magnifying glass