Board Meeting, 12th July 2012

date: Thursday, 12 July 2012, 19pm, IRC
present: Simon Poole, Stéphane Henriod, Thomas Ineichen, Sarah Hoffmann

0. Agenda

The agenda for today’s meeting was proposed by Simon Poole and accepted
without modification.

1. Accepting New Members

  • There was no objection to the new membership applications.
  • Sarah Hoffmann expressed confusion about the organization field in
    the membership application. Simon Poole will amend the form.
  • Stéphane Henriod asked about a formalization of the rules on exclusion
    of members. It was decided to defer the matter to the moment when such
    case arises.

2. Planning for the Remaining Year

  • Simon Poole is already working on contacting cantonal agencies to
    obtain orthophotos.
  • A further point is finding sponsorship for a association server.
    Simon Poole will draft a list of companies that might be interested
    in sponsorship and/or membership and, together with Stéphane Henriod
    a letter for a contact.
  • Thomas Ineichen will try to organize meetings with companies as part
    of the Zurich Stammtisch meeting.
  • Thomas Ineichen will bring the question of further SOSM activities to
    the mailing list.

3. AoB

  • It was decided to create a special page for corporate members on the
    SOSM website as a sign of our appreciation. Simon Poole will start
    this page. Private members will not be publicly listed.
  • Simon Poole and Thomas Ineichen will re-contact all members to inform
    them about membership payment options and to collect OSM user names
    from members that have not yet supplied them.

4. Next meeting

  • It was decided that regular board meetings shall be held monthly.
  • The next one will take place mid-August. The exact date remains to
    be decided.