Minutes AGM 2013

SOSM Annual General Meeting 2013

Held on March 9, 11:00 at Hotel des Gorges, Rue des Gorges, 2740 Moutier

1 Welcome

Simon Poole welcomes as president all present members:

  • Simon Poole, Bergdietikon as president
  • Sarah Hoffmann, Zürich as board member
  • Michael Spreng, Cham
  • Otto Wyss, Thalwil
  • Arthur Bonino, Münchenbuchsee
  • Pascal Mages, Zürich
  • Hubert Rüttimann, Stans
  • Manfred Stock, Wigoltingen
  • Marc Filot, Bern
  • Patrick Stählin, Zürich
  • André Aepli, Trogen
  • Muzalyev Oleksiy, Carouge
  • Philipp Schultz, Evilard

2 Election of minute taker and vote counters

Pascal Mages is elected as vote counter and Michael Spreng as minute taker.

3 Adoption of minutes of the founding meeting

The minutes of the founding meeting are unanimously accepted.

4 Activity report 2012

Simon Poole presents the activity report, which was also handed out on paper to all present members.

He continues to present the plans for 2013, in particular to rent an own server for SOSM, and to be present at FOSSGIS 2013 which will be held in Rapperswil.

A question is raised about who the corporate members are. Simon Poole answers the question and points to the SOSM website, where a current list of corporate members is published. Another question is raised about the GWR which was deemed off topic and postponed to be resolved over lunch.

5 Financial results

Simon Poole presents the financial results of 2012. He reminds the Members not to pay at the Post counter, because it costs SOSM 1.50 for each member fee paid in this manner.

The auditors present their report. They reject the financial report on the grounds that it is not comprehensible to them in the presented form. But they assert that The money stated as liquid assets is actually on the account, the assets were properly used and that the necessary receipts were available.

Simon Poole answers that the time was very short to prepare it, as the treasurer Thomas Ineichen is unavailable since mid October. Due to this a lot of membership fees were not received in 2012, and he sent out reminders in 2013. He explained which part of the outstanding membership fees were already paid by now, which membership fees are expected to be received soon and which probably wont get paid because the members didn’t react to his reminders at all.

Philipp Schultz states that there is more risk than stated in the financial report and asks the board to do the report in a more “conventional” fashion next time, to have a better overview of the associated risks.

Pascal Mages states that, having done such reports himself, he believes the handling of the 2012 income is correct and he finds the format of the report unconventional as well

The vote is held on the financial results and it is accepted, despite the rejection of the audition, with 11 votes yes, 1 vote no, and 1 abstinence.

6 Membership fees 2013

Simon Poole proposes to keep the membership fees as they were in 2012. 20 CHF/year for individual members and 150 CHF/year for corporate members.
This is unanimously accepted by the assembly.

7 Budget 2013

Philipp Schultz states because the budget is based on projected income, he sees actually enough security despite his previous statement.
There is some discussion about the marketing position in the budget, what would that be? And also about the server, which is the dominant position, what exactly would we do with it?

Simon Poole tries to wrap up the discussion with a question about the aim of SOSM: do we want to gain as many members as possible, or do we just want to make maps, making little to gain new members.

Otto Wyss would like to define a concrete list of services which would run on a SOSM server.

But in further discussion there is stated by some members that we do have a few candidates and that it should be up to the board to accept or reject services on the sosm server. And that the services should be community initiated and maintained, SOSM should just make sure that the service doesn’t suddenly cease if an individual loses interest in OSM, or ”is run over by a car”.

The budget is voted on as it is, and is unanimously accepted.

8 Elections

  • Pascal Mages is proposed as new treasurer
  • Philipp Schultz is proposed as assessor, representative of the french speaking part of Switzerland, and volunteers to do some PR related activities
  • Patrick Stählin is proposed as assessor, and attending to PR

Votes on the board members:

  • Pascal Mages is unanimously accepted as treasurer
  • Philipp Schultz is unanimously accepted as assessor
  • Patrick Stählin is unanimously accepted as assessor
  • Sarah Hoffman is unanimously accepted as technical maintainer
  • Simon Poole is unanimously accepted as president

The Auditors Otto Wyss and Arthur Bonino are unanimously re-elected

The meeting was then declared closed.

Simoon Poole

Minute Taker
Michael Spreng