Board Meeting, 20th January 2014

date: Thursday, 20th January 2014, 9pm, Google hangout
present: Pascal, Patrick, Simon, Sarah
absent: Philipp

0. Last protocol

The protocol of the previous board meeting was approved unanimously.

1. Open Points from Last Meeting

An RSS feed to watch for new users and a welcome email have been created.
130 have been sent but no reaction was received (positive or negative).
French version needs to be done (Phillip). It was decided to continue
the campaign for now.

The question was rised to contact user of the data instead of mappers,
as there is an even larger potential but there is the issue of finding
these users.

Date for the Randa hack event is preliminarily set to August. SOSM will
not be officially present but promote the event to encourage OSM hackers
to participate. Pascal to follow up.

2. AGM

Date has been shifted to 5.4. to avoid conflicts with FossGIS. For the
location the area around Burgdorf has been chosen. Simon will look for
a suitable location.

3. Open Data

Kanton of Basel Stadt requested attribution on copyright page. Simon
to inquire.
There is a consultation about the new law about geo data on March 18th.
We will try to formulate a statement. Simon will ask about

4. Server

There is an offer for space in a server rack by ETH SOS but will
require purchasing hardware. Cost for own hardware likely not to be
less than current rent for Hetzner server. The alternative of sponsored
hardware was discussed. Pascal will inquire with potential sponsors.
Sarah to write a hardware requirement list. Another potential problem
identified was physical access to the server. Simon will inquire.

5. AOB

One new member joins SOSM since the last meeting and are accepted and welcomed
by the board.

Pascal asked if there were any questions about the final annual account
and points out that accounting of member fees has been changed. Handling of
members who have not paid their fees was deferred to the AGM.

Next board meeting will be in one month.