Board Meeting, 22nd August 2012

date: Wednesday, 22 August 2012, 9pm, IRC
present: Simon Poole, Stéphane Henriod, Thomas Ineichen, Sarah Hoffmann

0. Agenda

The agenda for today’s meeting was proposed by Sarah Hoffmann and
accepted without modification.

1. Open Issues from Last Meeting

  • membership form changed (Simon) – done
  • Orthophotos (Simon) – ongoing
    Basel Stadt will have photos available free of charge from October, Basel Landschaft sells photos for 200CHF, but their use may be limited because they are from 2001. Both need to be clarified in terms of license.
  • determining potential sponsors for SOSM servers (Simon) – ongoing
  • special page for corporate members (Simon) – ongoing
  • contacting companies for meeting at Stammtisch (Thomas) – ongoing
  • informing members about payment options (Thomas) – done
    There was a request to use PayPal for payment. Due to the high administrative effort, it was decided to find another agreement with the member in question. This decision may be revised should there be a higher demand for PayPal in the future.

2. Accepting New Members

Two new members join SOSM this month and are accepted and welcomed by the board.

3. Misc

Simon Poole informed the board that he is running for the OSMF board this year.

The next meeting was scheduled for the last week of September.