Board meeting, January 9th 2015

Board Meeting, January 9th 2015

Date: Friday, January 9th 2015, 21:00, using Mumble
Present: Simon, Michael, Pascal, Patrick

Action items:

– Ask on list about location for 2015 AGM, April Bienne or Ticino SP
– Donation drive 2015 SP

1. last protocol

The protocol of the previous two meetings on Decemeber 1st 2014 and July 24th 2014 were approved.

2. Financial results 2014

Pascal has circulated another draft of the 2014 financials. Some questions with respect to donations and unpaid membership fees.
PM: 2 membership fees from 2014 are still open, all others paid.

– SP: Discussion about donations: we will send 2014 donors a thank you letter and ask them if we can publish their name.

– PM: send reminder mail to members, with date of general assembly, date is April 18, 2015

3. Server donation from WMF

The donation has been firmed up and is likely to happen in Feb/March. Adfinis has offered to host the systems.

4. Approve new Members

One new member joined SOSM since the last meeting and is accepted and welcomed by the board.

5. AB

– Date AGM 18th April 2015