Board Meeting, 3rd March 2013

date: Sunday, 3rd March 2013, 9pm, IRC
present: Simon Poole, Sarah Hoffmann
absent: Thomas Ineichen, Stéphane Henriod

0. Last minutes

Minutes of board meeting were accepted without modification.

1. New members

Three new members members were accepted and welcomed by the board. The new
members will be kindly reminded that in order to participate at the AGM
their membership fees have to be at the SOSM account by Wednesday or they
may pay in cash until before the AGM on Saturday.

2. Preparation of AGM

The board and the auditors will meet at 10am on Saturday in Moutier.

We will send out another reminder for the AGM to the members (Sarah) and
a reminder for the mapping party in general (Simon).

Simon will create voting cards and bring print-outs of the financials.

3. Budget 2013

Simon presented a budget proposal.

Sarah objected that server costs take a too high percentage. It was agreed
to budget for the less expensive EX4s instead. There might be an option of
ETH-sponsored hosting but the board feels that the administrative overhead
and restrictions are significantly higher.

We will also allocate some budget for merchandise: flyers, hi-vis vests,

Simon will send around a revised budget before the AGM.

4. AoB

Simon will organise a FossGIS table.

The inquiry from the town of Zurich is still pending.