Minutes AGM 2015

Minutes AGM 2015

Saturday, April 18th 2015, 11:00, Lago Lodge, Uferweg 5, CH-2560 Nidau

1. Opening and Welcome

Simon welcomes as president all present members:

  • Simon Poole, Bergdietikon as president
  • Michael Spreng, Cham as board member
  • Patrick Stählin, Zürich as board member
  • Pascal Mages, Zürich as board member
  • Arthur Bonino, Münchenbuchsee
  • Manfred Stock, Wigoltingen
  • Roman Härdi, Wangen an der Aare
  • Hubert Rüttimann, Stans
  • Oleksiy Muzalyev, Carouge
  • Jonas Meier, Rheinau
  • Raphael Das Gupta, Holzhäusern

Otto Wyss is excused

2. Election of the minute taker and vote counters

Jonas is elected as vote counter and Michael as Minute taker

3. Adoption of minutes of the 2014 AGM

accepted with 10 yes votes and one abstain

4. Activity report 2014

Simon presents the activity report 2014 and plans for 2015, which was sent by E-Mail to all members.

5. Financial results 2014

Pascal presents the financial results of 2014.

Arthur presents the auditors report. They have no objection and accept it.

The financial report is unanimously accepted

The discharge of the board is unanimously accepted

6. Membership fees 2015

Simon proposes to keep the membership fees as they were in 2013. 20 CHF/year for individual members and 150 CHF/year for corporate members.This is unanimously accepted by the assembly.

7. Budget 2015

The budget 2014 is presented by Simon. A copy of the budget was sent by E-Mail in advance to all members. It is unanimously accepted.

8. Elections

It is emphasized that new board members are always welcome and that one does not need to be a board member in order to help the board with time intensive tasks like public relations. The board as it was stands again for vote:

  • Michael Spreng as technical maintainer
  • Pascal Mages as treasurer
  • Patrick Stählin as assessor
  • Simon Poole as president

and is unanimously accepted by the assembly.

Simon thanks Otto and Arthur for doing the audit up to now. Otto resigned as auditor. Raphael Das Gupta is proposed as new auditor.

Vote on the auditors:

  • Arthur Bonino
  • Raphael Das Gupta

They are unanimously accepted as auditors.

9. Trade registry registration

Simon asks if the association should get a trade registry entry, because the server certificate can only be registered for sosm with a trade registry entry. But it costs a lot of money and causes a lot of paperwork. The general consensus is that it is too much  work and too high costs for the benefits.

10. Application for OSMF Local Chapter Status

It is discussed if SOSM should get a local chapter status with the OSMF. The disadvantage is that we could lose domains if we ever want to quit this agreement or if SOSM ceases to do be an OpenStreetMap related association.

The assembly tasks the board with negotiating a formal OSMF local chapter status and to either have a vote per electronic means or bring the matter forward at the next AGM on acceptance.

Is accepted with 10 yes votes and one abstain.

11. Any other business


Meeting is closed at 12:05