Board Meeting, 12th December 2013

date: Thursday, 12th December 2013, 9pm, Google hangout
present: Pascal, Patrick, Simon, Sarah
absent: Philipp

0. Last protocol

The protocol of the previous board meeting was approved unanimously.

1. Addresses canton Basel-Land

Data is available and under a free license, possibly requires attribution and may cost a small copy fee. Automatic import is not possible because of existing data. So, volunteers for manually checking the import would be required. Other option is an overlay for the editors which could be provided via

2. Increasing membership base

There is a possibility to have a Swiss-specific welcome page. Needs to be coordinated with communities in Germany and Austria for German.

Another option is sending welcome mails to new mappers in Switzerland, which is already done by other communities with little but generally positive feedback. Can be implemented using Pascal Neis’ user feed. Needs to be done manually as automated mails might get blocked.

Simon to set up the RSS feed and draft a welcome mail.

3. Planning for next year

AG should be done at the beginning of the year again. Preliminary date: 22nd March.

Next year will be another Randa Meeting. A one week event for mainly for the KDE hacking (Gnomies and others are welcome as well). It’s also good for a possible OSM hacking subevent and might boost cross project collaboration (the last meetings Marble Desktop Globe Hackers have been in Randa). Pascal will organize contacts.

4. AOB

The next board meeting should be organized in the 3rd week of January.