Minutes AGM 2014

SOSM Annual General Meeting 2014

Held on April 6, 11:10 at Restaurant Schützenhaus, Wynigenstrasse, Burgdorf

1 Welcome

Simon welcomes as president all present members:

    • Simon Poole, Bergdietikon as president
    • Sarah Hoffmann, Zürich as board member
    • Michael Spreng, Cham
    • Arthur Bonino, Münchenbuchsee
    • Pascal Mages, Zürich
    • Manfred Stock, Wigoltingen
    • Kurt Vögtli
    • Roman Härdi
    • Patrick Stählin, Zürich
    • André Aepli, Trogen
    • Mario Fux as a guest

Otto Wyss, Philipp Schultz and Yves Cainaud are excused.

2 Election of minute taker and vote counters

Roman is elected as vote counter and Michael as minute taker.

3 Adoption of minutes of the last AGM

The minutes of the AGM 2013 are unanimously accepted.

4 Activity report 2013

Simon presents the activity report 2013 and plans for 2014, which was sent by E-Mail to all members.

In reference to “Formalize and organize address import situation”, it is asked who the corporate member is, who would like to support the address import. Simon answers that it is Abacus.

Arthur voices his concern, that no commitment should be taken in regard to advertisement in exchange for sponsoring.

5 Financial results

Pascal presents the financial results of 2013.

Arthur presents the auditors report. They have no objection and accept it.

The financial report is unanimously accepted

The discharge of the board is unanimously accepted

6 Membership fees 2013

Simon proposes to keep the membership fees as they were in 2013. 20 CHF/year for individual members and 150 CHF/year for corporate members.
This is unanimously accepted by the assembly.

7 Budget 2013

The budget 2014 is presented by Simon. A copy of the budget was sent by E-Mail in advance to all members. A variant of the budget is presented, where SOSM would operate an own server in Switzerland. Arthur asks why we would like to do that. Michael answers that it would be nice to have the server actually in Switzerland. Additionally that this would allow for more flexibility in Hardware. For example an SSD could be added to the server, which would be too expensive with the current hoster.

Simon continues that SOSM at the moment does not have sufficient financial resources to buy an own server. Non the less, the write off of the hardware would be close to what we pay for our server at Hetzner. Roman asks if we could gat a big IT company to sponser the Hardware. Arthur raises his concern about advertisement again and a Short discussion follows about what is acceptible for sponsoring and advertisement on SOSM operated websites. The point is left unresolved.

Voting on the budget results in 9 votes for it and 1 against, because of concerns about advertisement.

8 Elections

Philip Schultz resigns because of lack of time. The position is left without replacement, as nobody from the Romandie is available to fill it.

Sarah Hoffman states that she might resign during the year. She might leave the country after finishing her PhD.

Michael Spreng is proposed as additional technical maintainer.

Votes on the board members:

  • Michael Spreng as technical maintainer
  • Pascal Mages as treasurer
  • Patrick Stählin as assessor
  • Sarah Hoffman as technical maintainer
  • Simon Poole as president

The board is unanimously accepted.

The Auditors Otto Wyss and Arthur Bonino are unanimously re-elected

Other business

Mario gives a short presentation about Randa meetings and invites sosm or osm in general to take part.

It is proposed to end the membership of two members who have not paid their membership fees in 2013 and 2014. Both membership endings are individually voted on and unanimously accepted.

The meeting was then declared closed at 12:10.

Simon Poole

Minute Taker
Michael Spreng