Board Meeting, 10th March 2014

date: Thursday, 10th March 2014, 9pm, Google hangout
present: Pascal, Simon, Sarah
absent: Patrick, Philipp

0. Last protocol

The protocol of the previous board meeting was approved unanimously.

1. Open Issues

Consultation response for geo data law of Kanton Bern will
be finished by the end of the week by Simon and Patrick.

Requesting about attribution requirements of Kanton Basel-Stadt
is still ongoing.

Hardware requirement list for server still needs to be finished by Sarah.

2. Budget planing

Simon has presented a preliminary budget for 2014 with no significant
changes from last years budget.

3. Open Requests

Feton Linux has asked about organizing an official OSM sub-event.
Simon will inquire for supporters via the mailing list.

Wikimedia will hold a hack weekend in Zurich where map-related
activities are on the schedule. Michael volunteered to go and will
receive official support by SOSM.

Pro Velo Bern has asked for a meeting about using OSM for providing
a velo map and routing. Sarah will go there to introduce OSM and
possible uses.

4. AOB

One new company member has applied for membership and is welcomed
by the board.

There have been again some incidents where mappers have used data
from the geo portal of the canton of Bern and received conflicting
information about usage terms. SOSM will try to get into official
contact with the canton and clarify the usage terms.

Pascal reports that the official date for the Randa hacking event
will be 9-15 August. He will announce it later on the mailing list.