Board Meeting, 24th July 2014

date: Thursday, 24th July 2014
Patrick, Simon, Michael, Sarah
excused: Pascal
location: IRC

0. Last protocol

The protocol of the previous board meeting was approved with one abstention.

1. OSM Birthday Party

Simon suggest a meeting at Ällgi at 2pm. Patrick points out difficult bus connection and proposes Sachseln as alternatives. Other locations are proposed: Verkehrshaus, first mapped restaurant. No final decision was made.

2. Birthday present by Stefan Keller

Simon will plan a separate meeting on Friday 8th with Simon and Patrick present.

3. Thanks to Sarah

Simon thanks Sarah for her commitment for the Swiss community and SOSM in the last years and hopes to be able to welcome her from time to time on visits to Switzerland.

4. AOB

Organisation of the Swiss server is still pending.

Patrick has taken over the twitter account osm_ch from Thomas Ineichen.