Board Meeting, 15th November 2013

Board Meeting, 15th November 2013

date: Thursday, 15th November 2013, 8.00pm, IRC #sosm
present: Pascal, Patrick, Philipp, Sarah
excused: Simon
chair: Sarah
minutes: Patrick

0. Last protocol

The protocol of the previous board meeting was approved unanimously.

1. Improve PR work

Patrick gave a short update on the state of PR mainly the events around the website run by NZZ. NZZ published a web-application using the tiles from MapBox and didn’t include the proper attribution required by the license.
It took several attempts, directly and through side-channels, to finally get the licensing right. We should act more self-conscious the next time and really demand the license to be respected.

Hayian mapping: There was a discussion if we should do a press-release, the input came from Simon. Pascal noted that while it would be a good idea we were a bit late with that. Patrick seconded that we’re late and nobody really has time to do a release but agreed to write something.
The discussion shifted to having a place to store media-contacts and Patrick said he could provide an initial set. Pascal noted that he also has some contacts and OwnCloud could be used for storage.
Sarah wished to have more activities on Twitter/the Blog and Pascal asked permission to Tweet from time to time.

2. GeoSummit

Stefan Keller approached the board asked if we would take part at GeoSummit like we did last year. The booth outside the conference area would cost CHF 500 and one inside CHF 1600.
Sarah noted that the last time we or rather a Simon was stood-up by the Wikipedia Foundation Switzerland. Phillip noted that it’s not a question of wanting to take part but being able to take part, as Manpower is spread too thin to make a commitment. The board voted 3 no with 1 abstention and SOSM is thus not going to GeoSummit.

3. AOB

Pascal gave a short overview on the financials, he received no bills yet and has been told to ask Simon to supply him with the expenses Simon had. 24 members have paid their yearly fees, 15 are still outstanding.

Patrick reminded the board to attend the Fondue-Meetup in Zurich.

Sarah mentioned that Simon has gotten his hands on the dataset of the addresses of two villages in Basel-Land, as nobody had the details we decided to move the discussion over to the next meeting.

It has been agreed to have more meetings and especially shorter ones.