Board Meeting, 25th March 2013

date: Monday, 25th March 2013, 9.15pm, IRC
present: Pascal, Patrick, Philipp, Simon, Sarah

0. Last protocol

The protocol of the previous board meeting was approved unanimously.

1. New members

One new member was accepted and welcomed by the board.

2. Planning of 2013

a) Communications

Patrick asked question about the goals of the association which would determine
the communication strategy. Different potential targets were discussed: mappers,
govermental agencies (data providers), data users, and also different growth
strategies. However, as there was obviously no concensus between the board
members, the issue was deferred to a face-to-face meeting.

b) Server

Sarah’s list of services was approved. It was decided to rent a server with Hetzner
and start moving Swiss services. In parallel, Simon/Sarah will contact the owners of and

3. FossGIS

Table rent is still open, Patrick will look into it.

Promotional material should be started as soon as possible. There was a short
discussion about targeting professionals or potential future mappers and the
consensus was that both are important. Patrick and Phillip will try to make
a first draft.

4. AOB

Simon reported that the transfer of bank account permissions is ongoing.

Pascal suggested owncloud for file sharing. Sarah will install a test version
on the server as soon as it is available.

Next meeting will be a face-to-face meeting in the second half of April in Zurich.