SOSM provides a number of services for the Swiss OpenStreetMap community. These range from contributor support by making aerial imagery and other data sources available, to end-user services to make low volume, incidental use of OpenStreetMap data easier.

Most of these services are available via the domain which is owned and operated by SOSM.


We have two hosting locations. One is sponsored by Adfinis and the other by Init7.

Aerial Imagery

SOSM runs an instance of MapProxy to provide imagery to Potlatch 2 and iD editor users and additional imagery not available online.

Currently it provides tiled access to imagery from the cantons Aargau and Solothurn and the cities of Berne, Geneva and Zürich and some further special purpose layers.

Most of this imagery is included in the default configuration of the editors iD, JOSM, Potlatch 2 and vespucci and does not need to be configured manually.

Map Tile Services

SOSM provides a map tile service with multiple different styles and projections. A list of available stzles is available here. provides a web interface to some of these layers. Prerendered tiles can be downloaded from

Overpass Service for Switzerland

SOSM provides both an instance of the overpass API with Swiss data and a matching overpass turbo user interface. This is particularly useful together with uMap.

Taginfo Service

Taginfo provides statistics and information on tags used in OpenStreetMap provides this just for Switzerland.


One of the most frequently asked question is “how can I show my POI/data/route on an OSM based map?”. uMap provides a hosted solution that provides that and more. If you have an OSM account you can immediately start using it at .

OSM Data for Switzerland

On SOSM offers daily updated extracts of OSM data for Switzerland, hourly “diffs” that you can utilize to keep a database with OSM data up to date and a daily updated map file for the OSMAnd app.

Online routing  provides up to date routing for Switzerland for cars, bicycles and pedestrians.