Board Meeting, 24th January 2013

date: Wednesday, 24th January 2013, 9pm, IRC
present: Simon Poole, Sarah Hoffmann
absent: Thomas Ineichen, Stéphane Henriod

0. Last minutes

Minutes of board meeting were accepted without modification.

1. New members

Two new members joined SOSM since the last board meeting and have been welcomed.
A third application is pending because of its unclear status. Simon will check.

2. AGM

13 members participated in the Doodle poll. Preferred date is the 9th March
which was fixed as a date. Potential locations in Jura and Emmental were discussed.
Finally, Moutier was chosen as the best candidate in terms of accessibility
and as a convenient place for a mapping party.
To be done in preparation (Simon):

  • official announcement including a call for candidates for the board
  • search for a locality for AGM meeting
  • account audit
  • preliminary agenda

3. Budget 2013

We plan to have a preliminary budget 2013 ready for the AGM. Details postponed
to next meeting, Simon will send around an overview of the financial situation
of SOSM as a base for discussion.

4. AOB

Two external requests, potential use of orthophotos of the canton Berne and
request for support in an art project in Berne, remain pending. (Simon)

5. Next meeting

within the next two weeks, as soon as a potential locality for the AGM is found