Board Meeting, March 16th 2015

Board Meeting, March 16th 2015

Date: Friday, March 16th 2015, 21:00, using Mumble
Present: Simon, Michael, Patrick

Open action items

– Start local chapter process – Simon

1. Last minutes

The protocol of the previous meeting 9. 2. 2015 are approved.

2. Wikimedia Server

Three servers have been donated bei Wikimedia Germany and were picked up and imported to Switzerland.

The donation was arranged by Wikimedia Switzerland, a big thank you to them and to Wikimedia Germany.

The servers are sheduled to be installed in donated hosting space in the next couple of weeks.


Simon to write mail to lists indicating that we would like more participation in the board, particularly from the non-German speaking parts of Switzerland. Simon will produce a draft budget together with Pascal.

The meeting will be in the Lago Lodge in Nidau which is located roughly 700m from the station in Bienne.

4. Donation Drive

Simon to approach foundations etc, that support similar projects and send clarifying mail to lists that we don’t necessarily want the same people to donate that always do.

Simon will mention it in a couple of upcoming blog posts.

5. AOB