Data quality of OSM in Switzerland

I had a presentation at the FOSSGIS conference in Rapperswil about the data quality of OpenStreetMap in Switzerland (recording and presentation in German).

Some of the analysis was already posted to this blog previously (post about street names). But there is also a lot of new stuff in this presentation.

Address density

address density 2013

This map shows house numbers per person, so it shows where we already have lots of house numbers. For more details see the address layer of As a reference value there is the address import of Denmark with a density of 0.4 addresses per person.

Public Transport

history railway lengthrailmap_2013The railway network was completed in 2010 in OSM. Interestingly, the length continued to grow. By now, most of the network is mapped with track accuracy.

 Points of interest

It is quite difficult to get reliable references for points of interest. One source I found is the “BFS Betriebszählung 2005”. It knows 23’077 restaurants and 4’683 hotels in Switzerland. OSM has about 10’000 restaurants and 2’500 hotels.

restaurants historyhotels history

Hiking cycling and skating routes

Hiking routes in OSM: 10’103km
Hiking routes according to 60’000km

Cycling routes in OSM: 7’957km
National routes are complete in OSM: 3’452km (officially on 3’242kmb)
Regional routes 4’581km (not yet complete)

Skating routes in OSM: 678km
National routes 460km (of 625km according to

How will we continue?

Will the mapping activity stay the same, and will we have:

  • All street names in 2015?
  • All hotels in 2018?
  • All restaurants in 2020?

Thank you to Sarah Hoffmann and Simon Poole for their contributions to this analysis.


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